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What is Mudjacking or Concrete Lifting?

When is mud jacking the right solution?
Generally, mudjacking or concrete leveling can raise and restore almost any concrete slab. However, it is not the best solution in case there are foundation problems and if the damage is extensive. For instance, if the slab is crumbled or crushed, it might not be the appropriate repair solution. It is the right option for cracked sidewalks, uneven patios, sagging parking lots and damaged driveways. It is also known for its cost effectiveness as it comes at a much cheaper price than polyjacking. As every concrete raising project is different, it is important to consult an expert prior to choosing the best option for your sinking concrete issues. While the process appears simple, it should be completed by professionals to avoid any further damage to the existing structure.

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Cost-effective, reliable alternative to concrete replacement
This repair technique uses a custom slurry mix that can range from a mortar-based mix, sandy loam, limestone or any other topsoil mixture mixed with cement. The choice of the material depends on the cost and the geographic availability. High compression strength and good material flow are the only prerequisites to the choice of the material. This material is injected through a series of holes that have been drilled into the existing concrete and it expands to raise the fallen slab back into place. It’s highly economical and costs only a fraction of what a replacement would cost. Mudjacking has been successfully used to lift: walks, stoops, patios, driveways, garage floors, pool decks, slab homes, warehouse floors and streets.

Atlas Concrete Lifting provides an economical alternative to concrete replacement by raising concrete to its proper level and pitch. We provide our customers with an unconditional 2 year warranty. There is no deposit required and no payment is made until the job is completed. Schedule an Estimate on our website today.