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Why We Don’t Do Mudjacking in The Winter

We use special equipment during the concrete leveling process that includes lifting the concrete slab(s), and then a mixture of sand, water, soil, and cement - referred to as slurry - is poured beneath the slab, to raise and level it into place.

There can be a variety of reasons why concrete breaks, sinks, shifts or settles unevenly.

  • When concrete is poured it is not properly supported
  • Weather
  • Settling due to a variety of reasons
  • Erosion
  • Uneven weight distribution on top

In the winter since the ground is frozen, we recommended not having mudjacking services done. Water in the ground freezes and expands therby moving the ground beneath the slab which can cause it to shift or break.

With the spring thaw, any work done during winter can further shift - compounding the existing issues or presenting new issues. Therefore, we feel that ethically, it is not in our clients, or our best interest, to have mudjacking work done during the winter.

If you have concrete in need of repair, mudjacking is the perfect remedy, but wait for warmer weather.  Contact us for a free estimate.